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Helit Kft.

Helit Kft. operates in Budapest's gastronomy since 1991, as a 100% Hungarian-owned company. Their partners include hotels, restaurants, buffets, kitchens catering for adults and children.

My task was to take food photos for their newly launched vegan, street food and Italian themed booklet.

Thank you for the opportunity! 😊

Client: Helit Kft.


Photos by © Attila Őzse

Client: Helit Kft.

Beatrix Mészáros



Zsolt Kőrösi-Szabó

Zsolt Lukács


Project coordinators:

Karina Sóvágó

Rebeka Teglovics


Photographer, food stylist:

Attila Őzse


Photo assistant:

Dániel Fülöp


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