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Many people think of the dark colored smoky sauce that is on the shelves of all fast food restaurants when they hear the barbecue.

However, a barbecue is much more than that: a technology, a baking process, a lifestyle.

It originated in America, around Austin and Texas, and the meat is gently cooked over a low heat of around 100 degrees for up to 10-13 hours.

Typically, beef tenderloin, loin, and less "premium" parts of the animal are made this way, as opposed to sirloin or sirloin, which is fried quickly at high temperatures.


From the slow frying, the meats will be crumbly, soft and get the distinctive taste of the BBQ, the smoke.


The food in the pictures, which I photographed for DR BBQ, was prepared in the same way. The work was a great experience, thank you so much for the opportunity! 😊

Client: Dr BBQ


Photos by © Attila Őzse

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