Unique creative portrait photography in Budapest

As a world-class player, you need world-class portraits. 

You are absolutely right, we will do it for you.

We both appreciate the importance of self-branding.

We understand the value of of your portraits because these communicate your success and professionalism to the world.

No matter whether you publish a book and need an author’s cover photo or you plan to invest in personal branding PR activity your photos should look authentic, characteristic and unique. 

We know you are a perfectionist and are looking for like-minded perfectionists to execute your tasks with maximum attention to detail. 

The creative portrait package
What is included?

Package details

- 90 minutes photoshooting

- Get 1 professional creative portrait photo perfectly tailor-made to your needs

Ideal for you in case you are:

A model, an actor, an entrepreneur, a corporate leader, an artist, or a coach. Designed for the genuine perfectionist.

In any of the below cases your photos will prove invaluable:

- personal branding website cover photo

- book covers

- acting or modeling portfolios

- artistic publications 

- for PR campaign illustrations

- for leader portraits



100% Money Back Guarantee Badge Design F

Do you need more portraits for you company?

In this case, we will calculate a unique price for you! Contact us for the details.

So, let's talk about the pictures
Check our creative portrait gallery

100% satisfaction guarantee

We take our results seriously. 

If you do not like what you see when looking at the raw pictures, you can stop the photoshooting and you don't have to pay us.

How do we work?


The preparation

Collaboration always begins with getting to know each other. Once you have ordered the service, we will start with a research process. We'll check your PR appearances, your social channels, and what are you dealing with. After that, we will have a coffee together and you will tell a bit about yourself. What's your "why"? What are your goals? What do you want to say about yourself with the photos? If we have the answers to these questions, we will discuss the look of your creative portraits.


The photoshooting

Once we figured out the ideas, we are going to take your photos. The creative portraits we take are photographed differently than most. We take 1 picture for a minimum of 2 hours but preferably 3 hours. Yeah, we know, in today's world it's pretty different, 

We are looking for the perfect picture. In one session we take up to 100-120 photos, and this quantity will give us the final 1pic to work on.


Once we have the final photo, the post-production begins.

Your photo will be retouched using the latest technology, using artificial intelligence.

After that, the appropriate color settings and other adjustments will be made, which will end up with a 1.5Gb photoshop file with 60-80 layers.

Then, once you have the draft, we will present your photo.

Then, if we both feel your photo ready, we will deliver your image optimized for the web or print, depending on how you use it.

Post production

Thats kind of different, right?

If you count the activities listed above in working hours, you will realize that we work with a photo for a minimum of 8 hours, but rather 12 hours, before the final 1 photo we are looking for is created.

So if you choose us, we will take pictures of you that will bring you the success you have waited for a long time.

Let's boost your career!



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